• Silva Redigonda MAMS, RP, RMFT

    Membership Status: Clinical Fellow

    Address: 510 Northcliffe Blvd, Toronto, ON.

    CRPO Reg. No: 002744

    Specialization: Couple Therapy, Family Therapy, Individual Psychotherapy

    Email: silva.redigonda@utoronto.ca

    Professional Website: www.redigondapsychotherapy.com

    About Silva:

    I have had two careers spanning 33 years dealing with people from different religions, cultures etc. I have lived in Europe for four years and the Middle East for six months. I have a private practice in Toronto and see people individually, as couples and as families. I have and do help people with a variety of problems including PTSD, suicide thoughts, depression, anxiety etc. I have a special interest in working with emergency response persons and accomodate shift workers. I am solution focused and provide a variety of tools for psychotherapy including cognitive behavior therapy. For more details please check out my web site or on psychology today.