• Ron Wyse, RMFT, RP, BA (Eco), MDiv (Counselling), ThM, Doctor Divinitatis (University of Pretoria, 1997)

    Member Status: Professional Member, Clinical Fellow

    CRPO Registration NO: 005168

    AAMFT Membership NO: 129692

    Specialization: Individual Counselling: addiction, processing emotions, behaviour, communication; Couple / Relational Counselling (Pre-marital; conflicts; growth; personality).

    Email: ronrwyse@gmail.com

    Website: http://www.ronrwyse.com


    I am now in my second decade of private practice, & continue to love bringing clarity, healing, & growth into the lives of individuals. I also continue to work towards helping resolve conflicts and bringing understanding to troubled relationships (couples, family members, etc.). My goal as a therapist is to constantly equip myself for effective working in the client’s best interest & resolving their conflicts, issues, & concerns. Although born in Canada, I have now lived over half my life in a ‘cross-cultural’ marriage as well as having taught in other countries (Zimbabwe, Hong Kong). Having been educated – with two master & one doctoral degree – in two areas, counselling & biblical studies, I am unceasingly at work in striving to broaden the breadth & depth of my understanding in all things which relate to and affect both marriage & individuals.