• Pamela Harrington MA, RP, RMFT

    Membership Status: Clinical Fellow

    Address: 218 Broadview Dr. Pembroke, ON. K8A 1Z9

    CRPO Reg. No: 003883

    Specialization: Grief & Bereavement

    Email: pamela@newharmony.ca

    Professional Website: https://newharmony.ca

    Social Media: New Harmony Counselling Services on Facebook

    About Pamela:

    I have more than 35 years experience working as a professional leader, teacher, and counsellor in congregations and social service agencies in Alberta, and Northern and Central Ontario. I believe that people are created as dimensional beings – body, mind, and spirit – and my approach to therapy recognizes, assesses, and nurtures these three aspects. I believe that clients are very resilient and have within them the power to overcome their challenges with some guidance and encouragement. I see my role as a combination of educator, coach, and cheerleader. I believe my work with clients promotes physical and mental health, emotional wellness, self-awareness, spiritual growth, positive communication, and healthy relationships.