• Kira Hurley RMFT

    Membership Status: Clinical Fellow

    Address: 72 Orchard Drive Belleville, ON K8P 2K7

    CRPO Reg. No: 006275

    Specialization: Marriage & Family Therapy

    Email: kira_hurley@aol.com

    Professional Website: https://stevensonwaplak.com

    About Kira:

    I provide counselling for individuals, couples and families utilizing strength based approaches with an emphasis on insight-development and empowerment. I also assist individuals seeking counselling for depression, anxiety, self-esteem, trauma, and work related issues, as well as difficult life transition phases. I work with children and adolescents facing challenges with personal or family life circumstances i.e. Bullying, divorce etc. I also have extensive experience working with children and adolescents with mental or behavioral complexities. I thoroughly enjoy working with families, and couples from a systemic perspective as I find this helpful for enhancing understanding, communication patterns, and improving relationship dynamics. Compassionate and empathetic, I have a genuine passion for helping clients reach their full potential, happiness and wellbeing.