Kelli Young MEd, BScOT, OTReg. (Ont), RP, RMFT, RST

Membership Status: Clinical Fellow


421 Eglinton Avenue West, Suite #8. Toronto, ON M5N 1A4

TS Medical Centre, 692 Euclid Avenue, Toronto, ON M6G 2T9

CRPO Reg. No: 002028

COTO Reg. No: G93301997

Specialization: Couples therapy, Sex therapy, Body Image, and Eating Disorders


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About Kelli:

I  am a Registered Psychotherapist, a Registered Occupational Therapist, a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist, and a Registered Sex Therapist. I have extensive experience in working with clients with eating disorders and body image concerns (have worked in the Eating Disorder Program at Toronto General Hospital since 1992). My private practice is focused on couple and sex therapy