Judy Finley BA, MFCC

Membership Status: Clinical Fellow

Address: 7 Montgomery Place, Smiths Falls, ON, K7A 1S6

CRPO Reg. No: 002822

Specialization: Communication, Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Premarital, Marriage Stressors, Stress, Anger Management, Self-Esteem, Grief, Anxiety, Depression, Fears, Coping, addictions, abuse (physical, mental, emotional, sexual), guilt, spiritual, trauma (CISM) for Individuals, Couples, Children, Teens and Family

Email: jfinley@ripnet.com

About Judy:

Helping people deal with life issues is my passion. I encourage people to confront their issues because you cannot change what you do not acknowledge. My practice is called New Life Counselling Centre and I am located in Smiths Falls. I also belong to the American Association of Christian Counsellors.