Hal Wilhite MMFT, RP, RMFT

Membership Status: Clinical Fellow

CRPO Reg. No: 003622

Address: Clear Path Transition Psychotherapy and Counselling

PO Box 104, Lansdowne, ON, K0E 1L0

Specialization: Relational, Mental Health, Addictions, Trauma Recovery, Grief, Parenting, Critical Incident Stress Management, Life Transitions

Email: hal.wilhite@clearpathtransitions.ca


Professional Website: http://www.clearpathtransitions.ca

About Hal:

Hal has been working within the mental health field for the past 22 years. He presently provides video and phone based psychotherapy and counselling assistance to individuals, couples, and families who are challenged by relational, mental health, addictions and trauma recovery issues.