Ayo Akanbi MDiv, RP

Membership Status: Clinical Fellow


Harmony Counselling Services

Whitby Office 173 Brock Street North, Suite 208 Whitby, ON L1N 4H3

North York Office 189 Maplehurst Avenue North York, ON M2N 3C3

CRPO Reg. No: 004748

Specialization: Marriage and Family Therapy; Relationship Issues; Mood Disorders; Anger Management; Anxiety; Codependency; Depression; Grief, Sexual Abuse; Trauma and PTSD; Postpartum; Life Coaching; Dissociative Disorders; Personality Disorders

Email: info@harmonycounsellings.com

Professional Website: www.harmonycounsellings.com

About Ayo:

Ayo provides professional counselling for individuals, couples and families, personalized to help attain their healing and personal growth. Through his training and practice, he has gained a great deal of experience and empathy for people who have faced psychological and emotional trauma. His approach is warm, engaging and non-judgmental, allowing him to offer feedbacks and practical tools to deliver timely results. He also offers specialized guidance for relationships where one or both partners are or have been engaged in high-stress, demanding careers or other difficult life circumstances. With over 15 years’ experience as a pastor, Ayo provides practical Christian based services and counselling for clients who are comfortable with or request biblical counselling.