• Arnoldene Grace-Sandy MCC, MDiv

    Membership Status: Allied Mental Health Professional

    Address: 657 Milner Ave Floor 2 Toronto ON M1B 2K4

    Specialization: Marriage Enrichment, Parenting, Anxiety, Stress Management, Adolescent Issues

    Email: arnie.grace.sandy@gmail.com

    Professional Website: https://www.lifeskillscounsellingcentre.com

    Social Media Links: Facebook

    About Arnoldene:

    My mission is to help clients develop the skills needed to cope with life’s challenges. I have extensive experience in marriage and couples counselling, focus on re-establishing trust, open communication, reducing conflicts. I provide counselling for individuals, families, and couples with strategies for coping with life changes. I aim to help you to project your best self in every relationship. I have extensive experience in premarital counselling, marriage enrichment, parenting, anxiety, stress management, adolescent issues, individual and group anger management including court mandated orders, alcohol abuse and domestic violence education. I successfully guide my clients through the process, implementing methods that help develop new attitude towards life’s most complex matters.