• Aida Seetner MEd, RP, RMFT, RSW

    Membership Status: Clinical Fellow

    Address: 1395 Bayview Ave., Toronto, Ontario, M4G 3A6

    CRPO Reg. No: 002035

    Specialization: Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Job Stress, Major Life Transitions, Unresolved Childhood Issues, Low Self-esteem, Relationship Struggles, Separation & Divorce, Conflict Resolution, Extramarital Affairs, Communication Breakdown

    Email: aidaseetner@rogers.com

    Professional Website: www.aidaseetner.com

    About Aida:

    I have worked in the field of adult mental health since 1979 & as an individual & couple psychotherapist since 1996. I have developed expertise in a wide spectrum of therapeutic approaches; some of which include cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic therapy, emotionally focused therapy & solution focused therapy. I do not believe that “one size fits all” & therefore I use an integrated approach with all my clients; both couples & individuals. At the same time, I consistently work at drawing out my clients’ strengths & helping them utilize these strengths to overcome their challenges. Creating a safe and non judgemental environment in the therapy room where my clients feel understood & respected is my priority.