• Meet the Board of Directors

    The OAMFT Board of Directors care about our members needs and concerns. We embrace the core value of transparency and encourage OAMFT members to stay informed of Board activities and decisions. The OAMFT board members are here for you to bring questions and comments to our attention.

    Our Mission:

    “Inspiring excellence in the practice of couple and family therapy by ensuring the highest professional standards and by advocating for our members and the communities we serve.”

    Our Board Members:

    Melissa Johari, MSW, RSW

    Winnie Lai, MDiv, RP, CCFT, RMFT

    Adriana Anborgh, MS, RP, CCFT, RMFT

    Julia Biamonte, MSc, RP  
    Board Member

    Emily Bahrij, RP (qualifying)
    Board Member

    Emily Harman, RP (qualifying) 
    Board Member

    Charlene Lekx, MEd 
    Student Board Member

    Mya Moran, HBSc, MDiv, RP (qualifying)

    Susan Sokol, BRE, MDiv