Louise Dorfman MA, RP

Membership Status: Affiliate

Address: Caledon, ON.

CRPO Reg. No: 006488

Specialization: Couple Therapy and Individual Therapy (Women’s Issues)

Email: ldorfman@couple-enrichment.com

Professional Website: couple-enrichment.com

Social Media Links: Twitter – Couple Enrichment, Twitter – VibrantBeyond60Facebook – Couple Enrichment, Facebook – Workshops, Facebook – Ontario PACTLinkedIn 

About Louise:

I work primarily as a Couple Therapist with my husband and co-therapist David Rubinstein. We meet most clients over three days in couple-to-couple intensive therapy. We also facilitate couple workshops. I have worked individually and with groups of women survivors of sexual, physical and emotional abuse, which has been very beneficial in understanding the issues that some of our clients bring to couple therapy. As an Individual Therapist, my work with women is focused on gaining a deeper understanding of how their early childhood experiences unconsciously frame the way they see the world. Together we develop strategies to build self-esteem, communicate more effectively, and cope with traumatic loss, so they can create healthy and secure-functioning relationships with their family, partners, friends and work associates. Recently, I have expanded my practice to help women facing late-in-life challenges as they transition into their retirement years.


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