Integrating the Spiritual Dimension in Systemic Practice: Suffering, Healing, and Resilience


Dr. Froma Walsh, PhD  

Integrating the Spiritual Dimension in Systemic Practice: Suffering, Healing, and Resilience

Friday February 8, 2019 from 12-1:30pm (EST)

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Description of this webinar:

Spiritual beliefs and practices have a profound influence in suffering, healing, and resilience, particularly in overcoming crises, trauma, or loss, and chronic multi-stress conditions. Viewing spirituality as a dimension of human experience, Dr. Walsh will present a brief overview of her useful systemic framework and multi-faith perspectives to integrate spirituality in systemic work with couples and families. Practice guidelines,
cautions, and case illustrations will be offered: 1) to explore spiritual distress contributing to suffering or blocking positive growth; and 2) to draw on spiritual resources—whether religious or not–fitting clients’ values and preferences.

Presenter Biography:

Dr. Froma Walsh is Co-Founder & Co-Director, Chicago Center for Family Health and the Firestone Professor Emerita at the University of Chicago. Dr. Walsh, a leader in the field of family therapy, is the foremost expert on family resilience, with extensive experience in situations of trauma, complicated loss, and multi-stress conditions. Her research-informed family resilience framework is applied worldwide in research and community-based intervention and prevention. Her collaborative, systemic approach integrates the spiritual dimension and multi-faith perspectives in practice. Dr. Walsh, a Clinical Psychologist and AAMFT Approved Supervisor, is Past President, American Family Therapy Academy; Past Editor, Journal of Marital & Family Therapy; and recipient of many awards for her distinguished contributions to the mental health field. With 120+ scholarly publications, her articles and books have been translated in many
languages, notably: Strengthening Family Resilience (3 rd ed., 2016), Normal family processes (4 th ed., 2016), and Spiritual Resources in Family Therapy (2 nd . ed). She is an inspiring speaker and a valued consultant internationally.

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