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    The OAMFT is an acronym for Ontario Association for Marriage and Family Therapists. We support Ontario Marriage and Family Therapists and the communities that we support and are involved with.
    You can visit our join page link here!   Become a Member
    Yes. We are an affiliate linked with the AAMFT. Our members select our affiliate as part of the registration process for AAMFT.
    We have 6 different membership statuses:
    • Member: Clinical Fellow Status or Pre-Clinical Fellow Status.
    • Student: Attending a Master’s Degree Program.
    • Retired: No longer working in the field but paying CRPO retired dues.
    • Affiliate: Individuals interested in the field but not working towards Clinical Fellow status.
    • Allied Mental Health Professional: Those working in the field such as, Social Workers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Physicians, Nurses, and Coaches.
    • Non-Member: Not registered or a member of any other category listed above.
    Members have the opportunity to be listed on our website directory, access to current webinars, training, and resources in the Marriage and Family Therapy field. Members have access to joining our board, volunteering on committees, participating in focus groups, sharing resources, and much more to come.
    No. The OAMFT is an affiliate linked with the AAMFT and a separate entity from the CAMFT.
    Members with the AAMFT and OAMFT status of Clinical Fellow may use the designation of Certified Couple and Family Therapist (CCFT). To find out how to become a Clinical Fellow please visit the AAMFT site linked here.
    No. To be a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist (RMFT) is set out by the CAMFT guidelines.


    Visit our shop page or click register on the newsletter to take you to the registration page. You will be added to our registration list and receive a notification 24-48 hours upon purchase of the webinar. You will receive the link and any resources provided by the speaker 1 week prior to the webinar.
    Please email admin@oamft.com if you never received the link and resources.
    Yes! All our live webinars and trainings meet standards for continuing education credits.
    Yes! Our webinars and trainings (where applicable) may count towards your Continuing Education Credits for continued competency. If you are unsure please check with your regulatory college. If you are interested in registering with OCSWSSW please find more information at this link. https://www.ocswssw.org/applicants/social-worker/
    Yes! Our webinars are recorded for future viewing. Only participants in the live webinar recordings are eligible to receive Continuing Education Credits. All our recordings come with the available resources and unlimited access to the video link for reference. To purchase click here to see our catalog of webinars and planned upcoming events.
    If you are registered and miss the live webinar you will receive the recorded version once it is rendered. Only those who participated in the webinar will be receiving certificates. Thus, if you miss the live webinar you will not be eligible for the certificate credit hours.
    If you missed out on a webinar visit our shop page.
    Only those in attendance and present for the live webinar and training events will receive a certificate. If you have further questions please email admin@oamft.com.
    Depending on how large our webinars or trainings are it may take about 1-2 weeks. If you have any questions reach out to admin@oamft.com for further inquiry.

    General Inquiries

    Become a member with us and you will be automatically subscribed to our newsletters and upcoming events!
    Yes. To be removed from all newsletters please contact admin@oamft.com.
    Fill out an inquiry form or contact admin@oamft.com and it will be forwarded to the OAMFT board members to help guide you. Please ensure there is a brief explanation with no identifying data of any parties involved. We are here to support you!
    Any time just reach out to admin@oamft.com and the board will contact you about your level of interest and availability. We are always welcoming to expand the board as we are growing!
    Contact admin@oamft.com and what committee you are interested in. One of the board members will reach out and connect with you to discuss further.
    Please fill out the contact form here with the appropriate corrections and updates and it will be a 48-72 hour turnaround time to reflect this on our website.
    Clinical Supervisor Criteria:
    1. The supervisor must be a member in good standing of a regulatory college whose registrants may practise psychotherapy.*
    2. The supervisor must have five years’ extensive clinical experience.
    3. The supervisor must meet CRPO’s “independent practice” requirement (completion of 1000 direct client contact hours and 150 hours of clinical supervision).
    4. The supervisor must have completed 30 hours of directed learning in providing clinical supervision. Directed learning can include course work, supervised practice as a clinical supervisor, individual/peer/group learning, and independent study that includes structured readings.
    5. The supervisor must provide a signed declaration that they understand CRPO’s definitions of clinical supervision, clinical supervisor, and the scope of practice of psychotherapy.
    Those who have attended the AAMFT 30-Hour Approved Supervisor Course do not need to complete the Supervision Paper in order to meet the CRPO standards. However, those wishing to state that they are an AAMFT Approved Supervisor and supervising those meeting the AAMFT requirements MUST complete the paper. Please contact aamft.org directly for further clarification on the paper requirement.