Annual Conference 2018

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Dr. Harry Aponte

Person of the Therapist (POTT): Clinical Application

November 3, 2018 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

YWCA Toronto – 87 Elm Street, Toronto, Ontario

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Overview of presentation:

All therapy is conducted through the medium of the relationship between client and therapist. There are three basic components of the therapeutic process: the relationship, the assessment, and the intervention. It is through the humanity of the therapist that the empathic connection is made with the client, that the therapist understands and intuits what is driving the pathology in the client and clients’ relationships, and that the therapist reaches the most wounded and vulnerable places in the client when intervening. But, what is this “humanity”? It is the life experiences, gender, culture, race/ethnicity, spirituality, etc. of the therapist – but most especially the therapist’s own personal woundedness through which the therapist can relate to the client’s woundedness. We will present here on how therapists can more fully and effectively utilize all of their selves, taking their therapy to another level when working purposefully and professionally through their own person.


  1. You will understand the underlying theory of the POTT MODEL for conducting therapy
  2. You will understand what you must learn to make full use of self in therapy
  3. You will learn how to transform yourself to use your “self” effectively in therapy

About the Presenter:

Dr. Harry J. Aponte, HPhD, MSW, LCSW, LMFT, is a family therapist known for his writings and workshops on the person of the therapist, spirituality in therapy, therapy with disadvantaged and culturally diverse families, and structural family therapy. Dr. Aponte was a staff member and teacher of family therapy at the Menninger Clinic, and Director of the Philadelphia Child Guidance Center. Currently, Dr. Aponte is clinical associate professor in the Couple & Family Therapy Program of Drexel University in Philadelphia. He has a private practice in Philadelphia and conducts training and workshops throughout the country and abroad. Dr. Aponte published Bread & Spirit through Norton, a book that speaks to therapy with today’s poor in the context of ethnicity, culture and spirituality. Dr. Aponte and Dr. Karni Kissil have edited a book entitled The Person of the Therapist Training Model: Mastering the Use of Self.

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